Multi Cutter With Peeler For Vegetable And Fruits (Green)

Multi Cutter With Peeler For Vegetable And Fruits (Green)

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Ideal Solution for Cutting Fruits and Vegetables with Ease. Whether it is a sabzi preparation, stir-fried vegetables or an elaborate salad, cutting vegetables and fruits can often be a cumbersome task involving knives, cutting tables and uneven cutting sizes. With this multi cutter with peeler, you can easily cut through hard vegetables such as radish, carrot, cucumbers, zucchini, capsicum and more. Also featuring a peeler, this multi cutter provides serious value for money while helping you ease through your cooking tasks.Smart Design for Ease of Use Durable Build Quality, Easy to Clean With its high quality stainless steel blades and durable plastic construction, this multi cutter with peeler is constructed to last for a long time, even with daily rigorous use. Its unique design also makes it easy to wash after use to maintain its looks and functionality for a long time. Featuring 5 extra-sharp stainless steel blades, this multi cutter with peeler makes easy work of cutting vegetables and fruits for various purposes. With its smart design, you simply have to press the cutter along its ergonomic handle to obtain neatly cut vegetables, thus keeping your hands safe. The peeler is attached to the body of the cutter to ensure that you do not have to hunt for a peeler when you require it urgently

  • Five extra sharp stainless steel blades
  • Ideal for cutting carrots, ladyfinger, radish and other vegetables and fruits
  • A convenient peeler to peel skin of vegetables and fruits with ease
  • Safe function and use, prevent kitchen accidents and injuries, Quick solution for sabzi and salad preparations
  • Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel, Colour: Green, Package Contents: 1-Piece Multi Cutter and Peeler