Multi fruit skin peeler

Multi fruit skin peeler

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Excel multi magic peeler Fast peeling experience. Excel Multi-Peeler Is Ideal For Super Faster Peeling Easy To Use Compact And Easy To Store Anywhere Instructions : Remove the Pin Safety Cover and Blade Safety Cover And Push Insert Handle Before Use Press and Insert The Fruit Or Vegetable Upon Niddle Pins in Position Centrally Turn The Handle Clockwise And Peeling Process Will Start Automatically Continue Rotating Untill Peelling Process Is Compeleted Fully The Peeler Blade Will Rise Up And Move Away Automatically After The Peeling Process Is Compeleted After Compeleting Peeling Process Press Up Realese Knob at Bottom

  • Excel Multi-Peeler 100% 
  • Main Unit, 1 Handle, 1 Blade Cover, 1 Handle Cover
  • Suitable For Selected Vegetables, Selected Fruits